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Shijiazhuang International Talent City has always adhered to the corporate philosophy of “open, collaboration, innovation, sharing” and is committed to building professional and standardized top talent innovation and entrepreneurship bases at home and abroad. Since its grand opening on June 18, 2016, the International Talent City has successfully introduced five world-class and national experts with scientific research achievements of four local pillar industries: biomedicine, electronic information, new energy and new materials, and advanced equipment manufacturing. It has also provided 360 degree full-nanny-style systematic services to promote innovation development of high-level talents and transformation and upgrading of enterprises. Forge ahead and the strength would be witnessed. Since its founding, Shijiazhuang International Talent City has been awarded the honorary titles of "Provincial Workstation of Foreign Expertise Introduction of Hebei Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs", "Hebei Demonstration Unit of Foreign Expertise Introduction", " Foreign Expertise Introduction Workstation of 1000 Think Tank", Hebei "3.20" Talent Development Service Platform and "Startups Space with featuring incubation of high-end talent projects”. Shijiazhuang International Talent City, as a new star with high-level talent-centered gathering global talents, has begun to shine, gradually leading the regional industrial upgrading, innovation breakthroughs and catching-up.

With the aim of internationalization and high-level, we will introduce expert talents or teams such as the “Hundred Talents Program”, and the provincial “Hundred Talents Program”, relying on the advantages of the “Hai Chuang Government and Enterprise Alliance” alliance. All-round, multi-level, high-quality assistance to high-level talents entrepreneurship incubation, help scientific research results, attract talents through the platform, and lead the industry to upgrade and develop.

In combination with the needs of regional industrial development, we provide high-level talent hunting services for universities, enterprises, research institutes and other institutions at home and abroad, one-to-one matching high-end experts, providing technical consultation and scientific research problems through direct introduction or flexible introduction. Break through other solutions. According to the targeted needs of the enterprise, one or more relevant modules in the recruitment process are provided to provide diagnosis, analysis, design and application solutions, and to overcome the shortcomings of the short-board and weak ability in the recruitment module, to provide enterprises with fast and accurate HR integration services. Solve the shortage of high-end talents in the process of business development, reduce the recruitment cost of enterprises, and improve the efficiency of talents.

Policy Guidance: Combine the specific needs of high-level talents and scientific research teams to promote innovative talent support policies and science and technology support policies; after the policy landing, we would first interpret and guide the policies for high-level talents and teams in Talent City, so as to help high-level talents better understand the policies and make use of the policies to promote the development of innovation.
Policy Consultation: Provide overall policy guidance and question-answering services for entrepreneurship, employment, intellectual property, technological innovation, talents introduction and training, etc., for high-level talents and enterprises in Talent City.
Policy agency: Provide agency services such as enterprise qualification confirmation, talent plan declaration, scientific research project declaration and policy-based fund application for high-level talents and enterprises already settled in Talent City.

Business Services:The whole process provides a series of services for companies including high-level talents and teams, such as enterprise agency, industrial and commercial registration, tax legal consultation, etc., and provides support for personnel files, accounts, spouse children's employment, apartment accommodation, etc., supplemented by preferential policies such as site rent reduction and exemption. Fully solve the worries of high-level talents.
Financial Services:The International Talent City Financial Service Hall will provide a series of financial services such as investment and financing docking, corporate financing listing guidance, investment share guidance, supply and demand contact, etc., to support the development and growth of the incubator by virtue of its rich financial capital cooperation resources. Effectively help the scientific research achievements
Brand Promotion Service:Fully combine the needs of enterprise staged, and provide professional brand operation and marketing support for the enterprises that have settled in. Use multi-type integrated media channels and multi-dimensional event planning to promote brand image communication and scientific research results. The four major service modules of the International Talent City together constitute a unique advantage – talent highland, policy highland, resource highland and service highland. With the alliance advantage of “political enterprise and social talent”, 360° full nanny is provided for high-level talents and teams. Systematic docking service, dedicated to building high-level talents at home and abroad to understand the important window of Shijiazhuang, to the important platform of Shijiazhuang entrepreneurial development, and effectively help talent development and industrial upgrading.

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Innovative and Standing

Shijiazhuang International Talent City Environment Exhibition

Talent City Advantage

Location Advantage

The International Talent City is based in Shijiazhuang High-tech Industrial Development Zone, one of the first batch of state-level high-tech zones approved by the State Council, and is located in Beijing and Tianjin. The comprehensive strength of Shijiazhuang High-tech Zone has jumped to the 15th level of the national high-tech zone, which is the powerful engine and the most important growth point of Shijiazhuang high-tech development. The infrastructure in the district is perfect and the regional advantages are obvious. It has formed a “one-hour economic circle” with the six provinces of Beijing, Tianjin, Jin, Anhui, Shandong and Henan, and the traffic is very convenient.

Industrial Advantages

The Shijiazhuang High-tech Zone, which is selected by the International Talent City, has gathered a number of research institutes and supporting institutions. There are 93 enterprise technology centers, engineering technology research centers, engineering research centers and key laboratories. There are 8 postdoctoral workstations and 11 academician workstations. It has 7 national-level international science and technology cooperation bases, 11 provincial-level international science and technology cooperation bases, 13 municipal-level international science and technology cooperation bases, and 4 industrial technology innovation alliances. It has formed a gathering place for high-level talents to innovate and start a business. Shijiazhuang International Talent City is relying on unique government resources, policy support, regional environment and strong siphon effect of talent resources to build a talent service platform at a higher level, and strive to build a “talent highland”, “policy highland” and “resources”. "Highland" and "Service Heights" are dedicated to the highest-level scientific and technological talents brand in Hebei Province and even the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region.

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